8th place for Dito in the SBX FIS SAC

8th place for Dito in the SBX FIS SAC

8th place for Dito in the SBX FIS SAC

Victor ‘Dito’ Chávez is currently amongst the top 10 south American snowboarders after finishing 8th place in the 2019 FIS South American Cup (snowboard cross category). After previously competing in the Snowboarding World Championship in Utah earlier this year, he has kept his focus on the ultimate goal, representing Peru in the next winter Olympics at Pekin in 2022.

The winner of the competition this year was Steven Williams from Argentina, scoring 160 FIS points. In the case of Victor ‘Dito’ Chavez, he scored 51.20 FIS points, getting closer and closer to the necessary amount to classify for the winter Olympic games in 2022. 

The entire Peruvian sandboarding and snowboarding community recognizes Dito’s achievements, paving the path for other young Peruvians who start out in the sand to aspire to greatness.

After these few months of competitions during the winter season in South America, Dito returned to Peru to spend some time at our sandboarding school before heading towards Europe to continue training and competing.

Dito is preparing to the qualify to the next Snowboard World Champs in Idre Fall 2021, Swedem to Represent Peru in the big event of snowboard in the earth.


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