Aucallama Adventures: Sandboarding in Lima

Aucallama Adventures: Sandboarding in Lima

Aucallama Adventures: Sandboarding in Lima

As hard as it is to believe, a mere 2 hours from central Lima sit beautiful sand dunes. Aucallama is the home town of the ‘Lima Sandboard’ crew. Here, you can discover the joys of sandboarding as well as participate in their social project ‘Mi duna mi hogar’, focused on the education of local children of the values of extreme sports, their development of social values and of new opportunities.

You can sign up for a full day experience, as well as sign up for a two day package incorporating camping on the summit of a dune, bathing in the setting sunlight and admiring breathtaking views over the clouds during the sunrise.



08:00 hrs : We pick you up from your lodging with private transportation and drive 2 hours to Aucallama, a town outside of Lima. We include a snack box with fruits, chocolates and water for the ride.

10:00 hrs: We arrive at the sandboarding school where we explain more in depth the details of the program offered. We also take time to select the appropriate gear to insure the best riding experience suited to your needs.

11:00 hrs: We head into the sand dunes with a 4×4, driving 10 minutes from the school to the point where we will start sandboarding.

11:30 to 14 hrs: With the help of an experienced instructor, you will learn the basics of sandboarding, including the differences between sand and snow if you have some experience on a snowboard. If you are an experienced rider, we also can build some jumps and experiment with longer runs.

14:30 hrs: We get back to the school in Aucallama where steaming Peruvian cuisine awaits us. We also take this opportunity to share all the photos and videos taken during our sandboarding excursion.

15:30 hrs: Our transportation will pick us up to start the journey back to Lima.

18 hrs: We drop you off back at your lodging in Lima.

What it includes?

  • Private transportation (from your accommodation and back)
  • Sandboarding instruction
  • Full equipment (Board, boots, bindings, helmet and goggles)
  • Snack box for the morning (Fruits, chocolates and bottle of water)
  • Lunch after sandboarding session
  • All the footage from Gopro
  • An edited video of your experience

What to bring and wear?

• Comfortable clothes
• Long socks
• Sunglasses
• Sunscreen
• Pendrive or SD card


Private for 2 people: 165 dollars per person
Private for 3 people: 135 dollars per person
Private for 4 people: 115 dollars per person
Private for 5 or more people: 95 dollars per person

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