1.8km for Sandboarding or Sandskiing: ToroMata – Acarí

1.8km for Sandboarding or Sandskiing: ToroMata – Acarí

1.8km for Sandboarding or Sandskiing: ToroMata – Acarí

Toromata is the longest sand dune in the world, with 1.8km of pristine sand to descend. It offers incredible views from the top overlooking Acari, a small town 2 hours south of Nazca. Climbing this beast takes around an hour in a 4×4 or buggy.

Due to the presence of ridges that need to be maneuvered in order to maintain sufficient speed, at least an intermediate level in either snowboarding or skiing is necessary to undertake Toromata.  Otherwise, you risk not being able to reach the bottom of the dune in one shot. Because of this, you need to come to Huacachina prior to heading towards Toromata. There, you will be fitted with gear and come out with us on a Professional Sandboard & Sandski tour. We will have a chance to do some transition runs which will help you adapt to the sensation of boarding or skiing on sand, which is mildly different from that of snow.

Unfortunately, during rainy season, between January and March, it is impossible to undertake Toromata. This is due to the presence of a river that is too high to cross during this season.



First day: We meet up in Huacachina at the Dito Sand Xsports shop before 2pm to set everything up. Our awesome team will help you select the equipment. You come out with us on our Professional Sandboard and Sandski tour, which takes place from 3 to 6 pm.

Second day:

6:30 hrs: We meet at the Dito Sand Xsports shop to pick up the gear.

700 hrs: You begin the journey from Huacachina to Acari by bus (taxi to bus station).

12:00 hrs: You arrive and meet our partner in Acari. We eat lunch at the shop.

14:00 – 15:30 hrs: Transport to the top of Toromata.

15:30 – 16:30 hrs: Time to do some small runs to warm up and enjoy the beautiful landscape.

17:00 hrs: We start our 1.8 km descent with optimal light and sand conditions.

17:30 hrs: We make our way back to the sandboarding shop to share all the photos and videos that we took during your trip.

  • It is also possible to do the trip in the morning, but the starting time is flexible (from 05:00 to 6:30) depending on the weather conditions.

What it includes?

  • Professional Sandboard and sandski tour in Huacachina
  • Full equipment (Board, boots, bindings and helmet)
  • Transport (Buggy or 4×4, bus to Acari, taxi.)
  • Snack box (Fruits, chocolates and bottle of water), lunch in Acari
  • Photos and videos

What to bring and wear?

• Comfortable clothes
• Long socks
• Sunglasses
• Sunscreen
• Pendrive or SD card


  • For one person: US$420 dollars

  • For two people or more US$370 dollars

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