Riding the highest Slopes: Cerro Blanco – Nazca

Riding the highest Slopes: Cerro Blanco – Nazca

Riding the highest Slopes: Cerro Blanco – Nazca

Can you imagine being on the top of the highest dune in the world overlooking Nazca with the Andes sprawling out in front of you, with a board or a pair of skis on your feet? Preparing to descend through the clouds on an everlasting expanse of sand with wind blowing through your hair? If so, then Cerro blanco, standing at a wopping 2083 meters above sea level, is the dune for you.

Descending this majestic sand mountain can only be done after walking up on foot. A 4 hour trek during which we may well encounter wild animals such as fox, lizards and condors. We recommend being in good shape to undertake this sand behemoth.

Upon reaching the top, we will do a couple of runs with some jumps (if you are up for it). We will then begin the 1400 meter decent.

Itinerary: Full Day

We kick off the program in Huacachina, where we test all the sandboarding or sandskiing equipment. IMPORTANT: It is mandatory to come out with us on our Professional Sandboard and Sandski tour before heading to Cerro Blanco. This is so we can get an idea of your level and to give you the opportunity to get the feel for riding on sand. This is included in the price, of course.

After the tour, we pack all the gear you need in a duffle bag that you will take with you on your journey to Nazca by bus around 8pm. You arrive towards 10:30pm in Nazca where our instructor/guide on site, Juan Carlos, will be waiting for you at the bus station. He will take you to your hostel where you will rest for the early morning ascent.

Juan Carlos will then pick you up from the Hostel the following morning at 3 am to begin the journey towards Cerro Blanco. We leave this early so that the sand will be at an optimal temperature upon reaching the summit between 7 and 7:30 am.

After enjoying the sunrise on the way up, stopping regularly for hydration and anecdotes regarding the history of the region, we make it to the top. We will rest up there and have a bite to eat before doing a couple runs and jumps up there. We then begin our decent down the 1400 meters to the base of the dune enjoying breathtaking views and fresh morning air.

We then make the trip back to Nazca, at which point we give you all the footage of the adventure before parting ways. We handle the transport of the equipment back to Huacachina, so there is no need for you to return to the Oasis after Cerro Blanco.


  • Cerro Blanco is the highest dune in the world, and the inclination is an average of 38 degrees for 1400 meters of decent.
  • Intermediate to advanced snowboarding or skiing skills are required.
  • It should not be undertaken with any respiratory or heart disease.

What it includes?

  • Full equipment (ski/snowboard, bindings and boots)
  • Protective gear (Helmet and goggles)
  • Professional sandboarding Instructor
  • Professional Sandboard and sandski tour in Huacachina the day before
  • Transfer from Huacachina to Nazca (2 hours)
  • Transfer from Nazca to the starting point of the trek and way back(30 min)
  • Photos and videos
  • Hostel


  • With a minimum of 2 people: US$200 dollars per person
  • 1 person: US$ 280 dollars

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