Dito Victor Chávez

Dito Victor Chávez

Dito Victor Chávez

Coach Instructor

E-mail: dito@snowboardperu.pe

Date Of Birth: February 14th

I started sandboarding at the age of 7, a sport similar to snowboarding but on sand. At the age of 9, I watched some of the snow sports in the Winter Olympics in Nagano (1998) on TV for the first time in my life. I didn´t realize that snowboarding had become an Olympic discipline. From that moment on, I started to dream about how amazing it would be to go for snowboarding someday.
I started to work at the age of 11 (to help my family) gardening at a hotel, another one of my jobs was to take tourists to the dunes to sandboard. I Could say that my profile as a Sandboard Instructor, started since there.
In those times Huacachina started to become popular because of the dune buggy tours around the desert, and Sandboarding (Standar: Belly board, Sand Sleed – Appropriate: Snowboard adapted to the Sand). Every year more and more tourists from everywhere started to visit Huacachina.
At the age of 13, I decided to compete in sandboarding to prove to myself that I could improve my performance. I used to watch snowboard videos online to motivate myself and while sandboarding I used to imagine it being on snow.

I learned English and went to the University to study Tourism Management because I discovered myself that I Like working in Adventure Tourism. However all the time training and racing as well.
In 2009, my dream came true by representing Perú for the first time in my life in snowboarding. Ever since then, I decided never to stop snowboarding and representing Peru
My big goal now, is going to the Winter Olympic in Beijing 2022 – China. I knew I wouldn´t be easy, cause of the expenses I have to invest due to trips around the World to train on snow. I use to work in Ski Resorts in Chile and Argentina to have the chance to train Snowboard Cross.
In 2011, together with some friends who are passionate in Sandboarding as well, had the vision to develop Sandboarding in Huacachina, and Perú that´s why we opend a Sandboard Shop/School to offer Appropriate tours to those people who Snowboard and Ski and wanna experience the feeling to ride on sand.
I got 4 Sandboard World Championships tittles in 2013, 2014, and two in 2017, which is important in my athlete career.
At the same time, my vision as an entrepreneur specialized in Sandboarding was to have a company and them in 2017 we created Dito Sand Xsport - Professional Sandboard & SandSki School. I am very happy to know that I work together with a really passionate team, who loves boarding and share the same vision to develop Sandboarding and Snowboarding in Perú.

In 2018, I achieved one of my fundamental objectives, classifying for the Snowboard World championship in Utah: Park City 2019. It was one of the most inspiring and motivating experiences in my snowboarding career, as I was among the elite of my sport. It was the fruit of 10 years of hard work and sacrifice. As such, my dream of being a part of the winter Olympics in Beijing 2022, draws ever closer.

What I can say as an entrepreneur is that Dito Sand Xsports, is the main economic support that I have gotten to keep travelling for training and racing in Snowboard Cross to fulfil my dream of being an Olympian.

So for the last 10 years I was working as a Sandboard Instructor in Huacachina and now as a director of my company but at the same time training and racing in Snowboard Cross in Europe, North America, Chile and Argentina which is for me a very exciting life combining sport and business, and that is what we transmit in DITO SAND XSPORTS to our travelers who come to Huacachina to sandboard and SandSki.


What Our Clients Say About Us

Absolutely fantastic!
Don't miss this experience when visiting Huacachina. Dito is a fantastic guide with lots of experience. Great equipment for both skiing and sandboarding. Everything was so professional and also fun to ride with the buggy to get to the tops. Skiing in the desert in the sunset is just amazing. I can highly recommend you to book a tour with Dito!

Joakim K

Excellent service and materials
Our 3 hours trip in the desert with this company was an absolute amazing experience! At the reception as well as the guy that comes with you during the trip are very professional (they explain you how to improve yourself) and they have a broad range of material: sandbord, sandski...


Great and fun experience

Took the sandboarding tour today, and it was great! Dito is a great instructor and he was committed to make sure we got the maximum experience. Overall all staff was friendly and professional. I can definitely recommend this to anyone!



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